A Soul Coma

“Oh Lord my heart is not proud, nor my eyes haughty; nor do I involve myself in great matters or things too difficult for me. Surely I have composed and quieted my soul like a weaned child rests against his mother. My soul is like a weaned child within me.” Ps 131:1-2

Have you ever seen a baby in what’s called a “milk coma”? If you haven’t, go Google it right now!!! It’s seriously one of the cutest scenes in life. To see a baby receive nourishment from their mother, whether through the bottle or breasts and then watch as they just collapse into a state of pure bliss, contentment and peace is the sweetest thing ever. They have absolutely no worries. No cares. They are fully satisfied and have no need of anything else but to finally rest on the chest of their mother. Oh, to live life like a weaned child on the chest of a mother, right?

I have been experiencing some anxiety lately. Life has just been busy. It’s a new season with new responsibilities and with that comes an adjustment period, so I’ve been doing some major adjusting. But I was reminded of something when I read this passage the other day. I was reminded that anxiety is still under the authority of God. You see, David figured out a way to compose and quiet his soul like a weaned child. In other words, he figured out a way for his soul to experience a milk coma. And as I read that I realized that is what I needed as well. My soul needed a milk coma. My soul needed to be composed and quieted as I simply rested against the chest of my Father. I needed to stop involving myself in “great matters or things too difficult for me”. That means I needed to stay in my place and stop getting ahead of myself and overly concerned with things that the Lord had full control over. I needed to watch my heart and eyes and make sure that they were concerned with Him and Him only. You see, a baby really only needs two things: comfort and companionship. The comfort of nourishment and the companionship of its mother.

Friends, we too, thrive on comfort and companionship. But if we don’t stop to receive them from our Source then all else promises to go awry. A composed and quieted soul is what we were created for. Not a chaotic one. We are in relationship with a God who longs to nourish our souls and fill us to the place of contentment and peace. He has so much He wants to give us, and put in us to sustain us and complete us. Will you stay at His fountain long enough for you to get weaned off in fulfillment? Or will you disconnect in haste because of worry, anxiety and fear over things you can’t control? Friends, just like David, there is a milk coma waiting for your souls. All you have to do is believe and connect to your Source long enough to receive it!

Questions to Journal Through

1) When is the last time you just sat alone and was simply nourished by the Lord? What was it like and what did you experience? And if you haven’t then what has stopped you?

2) Do you struggle with anxiety? Write down some specific things you can plan to do in those moments to quiet your soul before the Lord. What centers you?